That's probably what you just said. I don't know about you, but I am a huge gamer. If there were or are gaming gods, then I am their child. I am the child of video games. This is getting weird.... anyways! What I was saying, right.

Pokebank. It's like Skyrim. A simile! Aha! I love them, they make me smile. Get it? No? Sorry.

Pokebank is -or was at this point- supposed to be a cloud service for the recent Pokemon games. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. It holds up to 3000 of your Pokemon on the service, and in addition to that, there is another cousin service called Poke Transporter. It was made to move all of your Pokemon up from the old 2D games, to the new 3D ones. These two were released in Japan on Christmas day, and were scheduled for everyone else on the 27th. 

Well that never happened. According to what they said, "There was too much going on and it had to be shut down."

Now they didn't say that word-for-word, but that is a brief summary. And since then, the Pokebank and Poke Transporter apps have been taken down, but some people in Japan still have access to it. And the people who used it before it was taken down- AKA EVERY PERSON IN JAPAN, uses their epic Pokemon on the Battling program. So cheap. Ah, but I digress. So I still have not gotten to the point, "How is this like Skyrim?"

I don't know how many of you played Skyrim back in 2011, but the DLC Dawnguard got delayed for months on PS3, just as Pokebank is for us. 

Now, back then I wasn't using the internet as much as I do now, but as far as I know, people were upset. I know I was. The PC and Xbox versions already had the DLC, and we were missing it the whole entire summer or some crap. I don't even remember. I beat Skyrim and returned to my other games for a year, and in that time period I guess it FINALLY got released. I then moved to PC gaming, blah blah blah, much better, try it. :D

So yeah!

Dawnguard (Skyrim) = Pokebank 
PS3 = Every country except for Japan
Xbox and PC = Japan
Pokemon = Skyrim.... kinda

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys! I hope you appreciate it. Feel free to spread it around- I could use some more readers :) Feel free to comment if you would like! Would love to hear from some people!

And as always, have a great day

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